A healthy home starts with clean, fresh air. Between the high humidity and the high pollen count, you may not want to open your doors and windows to air out your home. That’s okay. You can still reduce allergy triggers and airborne contaminants inside your Laurens, SC, home and improve your indoor air.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

If someone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions, you’ll need to make some adjustments to keep everyone comfortable. Consider leaving shoes outside or in the garage to keep from tracking pollen and dirt inside. Vacuum regularly with a machine equipped with a HEPA filter. Stop using air fresheners, aerosol products, and any other chemical cleaning sprays that aren’t necessary. Upgrade your HVAC air filters to block more allergens and dust from blowing through the vents and into the air.

UV Light Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Cut the risk of biologic particulates and germs making their way through your HVAC system by adding a UV light cleaner or air purifier. These devices use UV-C light waves to kill bacteria, viruses, and bacteria that can grow on the unit’s coils and blow into your living space. UV lights don’t require much electricity or maintenance, and they can be integrated into most existing HVAC systems.

Improved Ventilation

If the air in your house tends to feel a little too stale, bring more fresh outdoor air inside. Ventilation equipment works with your HVAC to introduce more outdoor air to the system. This can give your home a boost of freshness and help reduce the contaminants in the air. Since the air is being processed through the HVAC, you still get the benefits of any UV light cleaners or extra filtration to reduce allergens.

To learn more about improving the air quality in your home, check out our indoor air quality page or give us a call.

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