During the summertime, you rely on your Clinton, SC, home’s air conditioning system for comfort. Not only does the central cooling system lower the temperature in your home, but it also lowers the humidity. A key part of this process is your air conditioner’s condensate line. Here are some things you need to know about the condensate line so that you can enjoy a summer without any comfort disruptions.

What the Condensate Line Does

During a cooling cycle, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system absorbs heat from your home. The warm air in your home can hold a lot of moisture. As the air is cooled by the refrigerant, that moisture condenses into water. The water drips into the drain pan, then it flows into the condensate line. This line is a length of PVC pipe that leads to drain outside of your home. It is typically the white PVC pipe that drips water by your outside compressor unit.

Common Problems

The constant flow of water in the line may lead to some problems. Biologic growth and algae can clog the line, leading to water accumulating in the drain pain that surrounds the indoor unit. Biologic growth can spread within the condensate pipe and into the air handler, resulting in indoor air quality problems. A blockage could cause the water to back up into the drain pan. This will cause your air conditioning system to shut down.

Essential Condensate Line Maintenance

A clogged condensate drain could lead to biologic growth, discolored carpeting and walls and indoor air quality problems, explains the Department of Energy. Regular condensate drain maintenance can prevent a lot of air conditioning problems. Keeping up with condensate drain maintenance improves the humidity control in your home. Be sure to schedule an annual spring tune-up for your air conditioning system. The technicians will clean and disinfect the condensate line. Between tune-ups, you can use a stiff wire to loosen obstructions.

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