A heat pump is an excellent choice in our southern climate. It pulls warmth from the outside air to heat your home economically, even when it’s chilly outside. During summer, the heat pump removes heat and humidity from the indoor air to cool your Woodruff, SC, home and keep you comfortable. You will need to do a little maintenance to prepare your heat pump system for the demands of the coming season.

Spring and Your Heat Pump

In the spring, head outside to clear any debris from the outdoor unit. You don’t want branches, clippings, leaves, or trash to block airflow. You’ll also want to check the condensation pipe. Make sure it is carrying condensation outside, and clear any clogs if needed. Beat the rush and schedule a professional tune-up for your heat pump before the beginning of summer. You’ll want the system running its best before temperatures start climbing.

Fall Tasks

During the fall, make sure the outdoor unit remains clear of debris. If you didn’t have the system tuned up in the spring, sign up for an appointment in the fall. It’s time to check the filter and most likely change it again. The heating and cooling system should be serviced at least once per year to keep them performing their best. These tune-ups help the heating and cooling system run efficiently, cut the risk of a breakdown, and lead to longer operational life.

General Heat Pump Maintenance

Stay on top of simple DIY maintenance tasks throughout the year. Clean dust off the air registers in your home periodically and keep furniture from blocking the vents. Check and change the HVAC filter monthly, or as needed. A dirty filter blocks airflow and forces the system to work harder to keep you comfortable. This takes extra energy and raises your utility costs. It also allows parts to wear out faster and can lead to more repairs.

To learn more about taking care of your heating and cooling system, visit our heat pump maintenance page or give us a call to schedule maintenance.

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